Park Operations

Annie Williams Memorial Park is located in Bracebridge, Ontario, the Heart of Muskoka, between Santa's Village Road and the Muskoka River. This beautiful serene 10 acre park features a dock and swimming beach, picnic shelter, amphitheater, and the newly built Brazier Family Memorial Playground. As host for numerous annual community events, Annie Williams Park is truly the hub of Bracebridge.


2017 Calendar of Events at Annie Williams Memorial Park

May 28, 2017        Annie Williams Park Advisory Committee Picnic in the Park

June 10, 2017        Bracebridge Horticultural Society Meeting (Amphitheatre)

June 14, 2017        Muskoka Harvest Bible Chapel Picnic (Picnic Shelter)

June 15, 2017        30th Anniversary Celebration (Picnic Shelter)

June 17, 2017        Baby Shower (Picnic Shelter)

June 20, 2017        Big Brothers & Big Sisters Muskoka AGM (Picnic Shelter)

July 5, 2017          South Muskoka Probus Club Picnic (Picnic Shelter)

July 7-9, 2017       Muskoka Yoga Festival

July 12-23, 2017   Summer MAC Show

July 21-22, 2017   Dogfest Muskoka

July 29, 2017        Lions Club Annual Steak BBQ (Amphitheatre & BBQ)

July 30, 2017       Muskoka Pride Picnic (Amphitheatre & BBQ)

Aug 5, 2017         Session Muskoka - Beer Festival

Aug 6-19, 2017    Prism Theatre In the Park (Amphitheatre)

Aug 11-13,2017   Multisport Triathlon

Aug 20, 2017       Family Reunion (Picnic Shelter)
                             Hospice Muskoka Volunteer Event (Amphitheatre & BBQ)

Aug 27, 2017       Hospice Muskoka Volunteer Event (Amphitheatre & BBQ)

Sept 10, 2017       Midwives of Muskoka Picnic (Amphitheatre)

Sept 23, 2017      Fitzmaurice Family Reunion (Picnic Shelter and Amphitheatre)

Oct 7, 2017         Great Muskoka Paddling Experience