Park Operations

Annie Williams Memorial Park is located in Bracebridge, Ontario, the Heart of Muskoka, between Santa's Village Road and the Muskoka River. This beautiful serene 10 acre park features a dock and swimming beach, picnic shelter, amphitheater, and the newly built Brazier Family Memorial Playground. As host for numerous annual community events, Annie Williams Park is truly the hub of Bracebridge.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

The Bracebridge Outdoor rink is now open at Annie Williams Park.

The lights are on from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM, 7 days a week unless the rink is closed for repairs or inclement conditions.

We would like to thank the following contributors
  • Wayne Taylor trucking- 2 X 8's,
  • Ralph Booth Bulldozing,
  • Lakeland Power- pole and electrical service,
  •  Nedco - 2 lights, Geoff Slater Plumbing- Frost free standpipe connection,
  • District of Muskoka- water and sewer connection help,
  • Medley Brothers excavating- water service excavation,
  • Clowe Fittings- plumbing parts,
  • Wes Finch and Sons- ploughing parking lot,
  • Fowler Construction- donated well tile for water service,
  • BDO Bracebridge $2500 plus manpower to help assemble the kicker boards,
  • Dads of Bracebridge- helped assemble boards,
  • Quemby Electric- labour and donated snow shovels,
  • Riverside Inn- Skate exchange program,
  • Call of the Wild- porta potty, GB Services- porta potty,
  • Annie Williams Park Board, Town of Bracebridge- staff time and hockey nets,
  • Rotary Club of Bracebridge
  • Rotary Club of Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes
  • Bracebridge Lions Club

Read all about it in the  January 11th Weekender

There is no charge for using this rink.


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